Selling A Home


Why List With Us?

We make selling your home look easy. It’s actually a very complex process. Much like building a home, it’s a huge project with many tasks, deadlines, and people involved. However, like any project, the key to getting the best result is organizing and managing the process. Skipping a step, doing things in the wrong order, or failing to control the process could delay your sale and cost you thousands at closing.

To give our clients the best result, we limit the number of projects we take on. Connect with us to learn more.


What Is Your Home Worth?

Determining how much your home is worth isn’t as simple as the big real estate websites make it seem. Sure, if you’re not looking to sell your home, an automated estimate can satisfy your curiosity.

However, if you are selling, you need a custom report that factors in more details about your property than automated reports have access to. This information and local market knowledge allow us to manually produce a much more accurate report of your home’s value.


First Impressions Count

The condition of your home in photos and while being shown can affect its sale price by tens of thousands. A decluttered, organized, and deep-cleaned property will produce better pictures, which will lead to more showings. During those showings, buyers will find the house easier to visualize as their future home, feel the home is more valuable, and be more willing to overlook other property faults.

We know how to prepare your home to get you the most money and a quicker sale


Modern Proven Ads

Nearly three-quarters of buyers today find the home they purchase on the internet and by working with a buyer’s agent. Attracting these buyers begins with gorgeous photography, drone footage, virtual walk-thru videos, and property binders that buyer agents can use when showing your home.

Once your home is listed, we syndicate it on all the major internet portals and run ad campaigns on social media, Google searches, email, and retargeted ads that follow buyers as they surf the web.


Strategic Communication

Negotiation in real estate is a lot like playing poker. Great poker players don’t give away their hands by reacting to cards they’ve been dealt or the cards played. They remain objective and don’t get emotionally attached to their cards. They watch the behavior and emotions of other players to understand their position and gain the upper hand.

It’s tough for you to keep a poker face during the stressful and highly emotional process of selling your own home. Working with an agent creates a buffer between yourself and the buyer, giving you time to respond strategically to situations instead of emotionally reacting.


From Offer To Closing

Transactions get very complicated depending on the provisions and contingencies included. Each party may be responsible for completing specific tasks by their respective deadlines. Some deadlines don’t get calculated until something occurs. In addition, how one party responds to a deadline can determine who needs to do what and by when.

Flawless transaction management will help keep your deal together, your closing on time, your stress levels down, and more money in your wallet. Choose an agent with the systems and attention to detail needed to manage your transaction without mistakes.