Why Choose Us


5-Star Reviews And More

While 5-star reviews are essential, reputation is about so much more. We’ve built our reputation by doing what we say we will do, being on time, speaking the truth, and being a source of strength for our clients.

We work hard to accurately price homes, prepare them to sell for the best terms, aggressively market them, and successfully negotiate offers. And, once an offer has been accepted, we proactively manage all the transaction deadlines and requirements to get each deal to closing.

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How To Land the Big One

Working with an inexperienced agent is like fishing for the first time. Lots of effort gets wasted casting in the wrong places, figuring out the right bait, and scaring away opportunities. And, even if you get a nibble, setting the hook, reeling it in without breaking the line, and netting the deal isn’t likely to happen without practice.

Learning from mistakes is fine when fishing but not when selling or buying a home. Let us be your guide. We’ll help you find that perfect lake or neighborhood. We know how to accurately price to fit your timeline and the market, which varies by location and price point. And, we know exactly what must be done, by whom, and in what order to bring an offer from acceptance to closing.


Honesty And Integrity

Real estate is full of situations where conflicts of interest exist between agents, buyers, and sellers. For example, a listing agent may be tempted not to present another agent’s offer to their seller if the listing agent is also working with an interested buyer and could earn the entire commission instead of splitting it.

Honesty is essential, but it’s even more vital for an agent to put their client’s interest before our own. We believe in putting our clients first, even when no one is watching. It’s a matter of integrity, and there is nothing more critical to building an excellent reputation and trusted relationships!


Lake & Community Expertise

Looking for lakefront? Do you want to live on a quiet, no-wake lake or a large, full-rec lake? Are you dreaming of swimming on your own sandy shoreline? Are you content fishing for panfish, or are you angling to catch musky or trout? You need it, we can find it!

We also know the local communities and neighborhoods. Do you want to be surrounded by upper-class neighbors or live in a secluded and private location? Do you need to be a short distance from shopping, parks, entertainment, or medical care? How important is living in a specific school district? 

We’ve worked in all the local communities and served on the school board and city council. We’ve got local covered!


Orchestrated Success

Real estate transactions are complicated and involve many roles, including sellers, buyers, listing agents, buyer agents, brokers, lenders, underwriters, title examiners, escrow officers, photographers, inspectors, contractors, etc. Like an orchestra, each role must play its parts at the right time for a smooth and stress-free transaction.

Whether we represent a seller or a buyer, we not only take responsibility for playing our parts but also for conducting the orchestra! We remind each player before their parts are due and track their progress to ensure the best results for our clients.

We keep clients informed with calls and send emails and texts for a written record of how things are progressing.