Buying A Home


Get Professional Help

Finding the perfect property for a fair price without making costly mistakes can be difficult. We make it easy by helping to:

  • Discover lakes that fit your lifestyle
  • Find the right lake property
  • Understand the lakefront market
  • Find a great rate from a reputable lender
  • Negotiate the terms, repairs, and price reductions
  • Complete and insure the paperwork
  • Manage your transaction to closing


Lakes To Fit Your Lifestyle

If you’ve ever searched the big internet portals looking for a lakefront home, you know how frustrating it can be that they provide any information on the lakes themselves!

On this website, you’ll find detailed information about local lakes so you can make an informed lifestyle decision.

Owning a lakefront property is an escape from the hassles of daily life and an experience that will forever be a part of you. That’s why we are passionate about uniting buyers and sellers of lakefront property.


The Right Lake Property

Looking to buy? Properties are selling fast. If you don’t know about a property as soon as it gets listed, another buyer has probably beat you to it. But that won’t happen when you’re getting our lake listing alerts!

To get started, just visit the page of any lake that interests you and enter your email address in our listing alert signup form. Once you’ve signed up, you can add more lakes to your alerts or focus your search by property type, price, ect.


The Lakefront Market

Our weekly Lakefront Market Report provides valuable insights. Learn what’s currently for sale, how fast lake homes are selling at different price levels, how close to their list price they’ve sold for, how our local market compares to our state and region, and much more.

Typically sent on Thursdays, this report is an excellent resource for getting a feel for the lakefront market so you can make informed decisions when searching for lake properties, evaluating current listings, and making offers. Subscribe today!


Rates And Lenders

Unless you’re a cash buyer, getting pre-approved for a mortgage is essential for narrowing your search, getting showing requests approved by sellers, and strengthening your offers.

But, before you call that loan officer you went to high school with, let’s talk. Internet lenders can be hard to work with once your offer has been accepted, mortgage brokers add closing costs, and the big banks can often charge higher rates than local lenders.


Strategic Communication

Negotiation in real estate is a lot like playing poker. Great poker players don’t give away their hands by reacting to cards they’ve been dealt or the cards played. They remain objective and don’t get emotionally attached to their cards. They watch the behavior and emotions of other players to understand their position and gain the upper hand.

It’s tough for you to keep a poker face during the stressful and highly emotional process of selling your own home. Working with an agent creates a buffer between yourself and the buyer, giving you time to respond strategically to situations instead of emotionally reacting.


From Offer To Closing

Transactions get very complicated depending on the provisions and contingencies included. Each party may be responsible for completing specific tasks by their respective deadlines. Some deadlines don’t get calculated until something occurs. In addition, how one party responds to a deadline can determine who needs to do what and by when.

Flawless transaction management will help keep your deal together, your closing on time, your stress levels down, and more money in your wallet. Choose an agent with the systems and attention to detail needed to manage your transaction without mistakes.